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"I began writing when I was younger; it was on and off with me through the years—then I came back to it with a vigour when I was in my mid-twenties. I came back to it with a passion and dedication I didn't know I had. Verse became this persistent companion, an ever more serious dalliance, secreted away - compounding - with no one else knowing the intense affair that I was having with these works. You know, you wake up one day and lose the shame, and then truly become a disciple of your passions. It was like this becoming a poet. I became unashamed of my love of verse; I think on it every morning—how poetry saved my life, opened it to a realm of experience I had yet to touched. Poetry saved my life then, reconstructed it from fragments, and I would be remiss not to admit that it continues to save me on a daily basis."

Dushyandhan 'Mars' Yuvarajan:

Contemporary Poet & Industrial artist. Working in word and mixed media -- works traverse pure literary output, mixed media industrial paintings utilising modern found materials, to relationships of written and visual art.

Works express the compounding exploration of the sensory world - D. M. Yuvarajan leans to poems that covet the visible and invisible alike. The evolution of which trends to an exponential abstract.  Sculpture and word. Texture and reason. Depth of color and the monochromatic aberration that is the printed word. All complexities, contradicting, supporting, building and diminishing. 

Pursuing the insatiable undefined urge. 



. M .oments (Volume One)


Quiet Songs From Yesterday


Night Owl and Other Poems




We Live With the Departed

Contact Anchor


In My Dreams, I Walk Through Killing Fields


The Untethered Affections


Paradise of Weeping Hearts


. M .oments (Volume Two)


I Regret Only Everything


Wild Prophet


. M .oments (Volume Three)


Regarding the Matter of My Behaviour

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