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. M .oments (Vol. III)

The third volume in the . M .oments series, . M .oments (Vol. III) returns to the application of form, constricting an exploration of emotions resurging through the amplifying catalyst of hermitage, exposure, and discovery into tightly wound epistles on a near daily meditation on suffering and redemption. The poems here are neither grand, nor sweeping, but are more akin to the bruised berries, crushed infant apples, and wind stolen yield uncovered in a sodden grass after the storm has passed: remnants of, once, a differently beautiful object. Only, where some may not see past the mar--others will behold the birthing of a new and equally tempting body. 

Regarding the Matter of My Behaviour

Regarding the Matter of My Behaviour, is a conflict of poetic excess and scarcity. A gathering of works stripped of inhibition, Regarding...exhibits the concrete voice of a poet at ease. An amalgam of long and short-form poems, Regarding the Matter of My Behaviour is the coalesced experience of lost years. Un-apologetically honest and revealing, Regarding...blends exposition with introspection, resulting in a pseudo-confessional congregation that overflows with the nonchalant truth that we live in a world driven constantly to damn itself.  

Dilation [Poems]: I

Dilation [Poems]: I. The initial volume of a continuing long work, Dilation...represents both a culmination and beginning. Ending with Regarding the Matter of My Behaviour, Dilation...throws itself as fork in the road, a path which bears forward as a realisation of a matured and more introspective poetic voice. Dilation [Poems]: I is rooted in the sense of the autobiographical as well autophilosophical. Exploring myriad avenues in terms of thematic element, Dilation...emerges less as a collection of various works and more a pressing tide of an ongoing journey in verse. Here, the poems, more vast and more intimate cast the lines of their form far, without hope but certainty that what they bait are the schools of experience and memory.

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