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. M .oments Volume I

  • .M. oments Vol. I is the maiden volume of twenty. It is the initial footfall in an series of poetic works. The . M. oments series is an appreciation of avenues in life that have espoused an unabridged and unassailable passion for existing. Tied together by a common theme, each . M .oments volume spans a bridge of styles and forms, from traditional romanticism to post-modern experimentalism. The poems are arrested minutes in time; they are an exposition of an inner cognizance: that love is unexplainable and inseparable from the tapestries of our lives.

  • All poetry collections can be purchased online at Amazon and Book Depository.

    Click below to purchase this collection online:


    Purchase on Amazon: $15.00 USD


    Purchase on Book Depository: $15.00 USD


    Alternatively you can order a copy through any brick and mortar bookstore. Please inquire with your local bookstore regarding availability.

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