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Paradise of Weeping Hearts

  • Paradise of Weeping Hearts, written as an accompaniment to These Untethered Affections as well as a standalone collection parses the antithesis to lust and obessions. Unlike These Untethered Affections, Paradise...throws its lens on the gentle affectations that is found in day to day life. Paradise is not sallow nor sickly, and does not loiter on stereotype. Here gentle can be sorrowful or mournful, pensive, fraught, or tender. Paradise explores what it means to hold adoration within our palms, and what succumbs when that adoration is let to fall or flower.

  • All poetry collections can be purchased online at Amazon and Book Depository.

    Click below to purchase this collection online:


    Purchase on Amazon: $15.00 USD


    Purchase on Book Depository: $15.00 USD


    Alternatively you can order a copy through any brick and mortar bookstore. Please inquire with your local bookstore regarding availability.

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