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These Untethered Affections

  • These Untethered Affections is a twin volume written to accompany Paradise of Weeping Hearts. These Untethered Affections characterizes obssessive attraction. What does it mean to thirst, completely, for something or somone? ...Untethered Affections - is exactly that, untethered lust, untethered want, the untethered objectification of desire. Read in parallel with Paradise of Weeping Hearts, these two volumes complete a symbiotic whole - flip sides of the same coin.

  • All poetry collections can be purchased online at Amazon and Book Depository.

    Click below to purchase this collection online:


    Purchase on Amazon: $15.00 USD


    Purchase on Book Depository: $15.00 USD


    Alternatively you can order a copy through any brick and mortar bookstore. Please inquire with your local bookstore regarding availability.

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