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History of the Press.

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Works of Mars Press Ltd (WoMP), is an independent New Zealand publishing press, founded in 2017 by poet and author D. Mars Yuvarajan. Works of Mars Press is not only a vessel for the publication of his own poetic works, manifestos, philosophies and literary volumes but is also a venue for the publication of more unique and eccentric artistic works that have found difficulty in coming to fruition through mainstream publishers. WoMP does not shy from those works that espouse the unconventional and explore the abstract, that force one to expand the boundaries of their senses and comforts and thus come to terms with a layer of artistic independence and proliferation that is founded on an acceptance of the "other". WoMP's mission is to continue the endless trial of providing avenues of vocalization for artistic speech and works, helping ensure freedom of thought and opinion. Though WoMP is a forward-looking independent publishing house, we place great value on the artistry and quality of the printed word, and as such WoMP publications are available in print format only. This availability ensures that the legacy and artistry of the printed word is supported and continued into an era of greater digital publication. As poetry comes to life through a symbiosis of form and style; WoMP ascribes to the ideology that the setting of a work holds as much importance as the content of the work itself.


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